He who is kind to the poor, lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done. - Proverbs 19:17


Living The Faith was started in 2005 to fulfill the vision of Pastors Stephen Wairegi and his wife, Jane. For many years they had lived and served amongst needy locals in a semi-arid area in Thika, Kenya. This experience not only taught them the best way to reach these communities for Christ, but also created a deep passion for touching lives, one by one, bringing hope and making a difference. They did this in very humble ways. Some of these are, sponsoring an orphan through high school, adopting and orphaned family, etc. Together they believed that one life changed is a generation changed. They instilled in their three children the need to sacrifice a little comfort for another persons basic needs.

    In 2005 God gave us a major breakthrough when the Saginaw family responded to a desperate need for water and abject poverty in Gatuanyaga Village of Thika, Kenya.  The first well was drilled to fulfill a vision of Pastor Stephen Wairegi and his wife Jane. The well served 500 families making a great impact in the community. The work of Living The Faith continued during a severe 3 year drought when they were able to feed the entire village. In order to continue on the path God has given us for this ministry, it became evident that classrooms were needed to educate the children and spread the Gospel. From this beginning we were able to continue following God's direction for serving in Kenya. Many dear friends have supported us in various projects as reflected in our work page. We never stop thanking God in remembrance of each one of you.

     Having laid a good foundation, Pastor Stephen Wairegi finished his work and was promoted to Glory in 2012, leaving us behind to continue with this work. Our zeal to make Christ known and touch more lives consumes us and in Our God we trust